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True paving can cover all your commercial paving needs. Including, the creation, repair and maintenance of paved parking lots or private roads, walkways and more. We can repair potholes, cracks and splits, adjust grading to vanquish pesky parking lot puddles & even carve out a brand new design for you. We will always provide you with a smooth, durable surface that lasts for many years to come.


Parking Lot Paving

Excavation & Replacing

Parking Lot Repair

If your parking lot shows some wear, but still has a solid foundation, resurfacing may be an option.. We will make repairs, patching any holes or cracks. bring it to grade by lowering high areas and building up low areas & then install a new surface of asphalt & seal-coated.

For an older parking lot that is crumbling, pot-hole filled & beyond repair or has poor construction we will recommend a complete replacement. this includes excavation of the existing asphalt using our heavy machines. Removal of all debris. building a base of aggregate stones with a layer of binder asphalt on top, rolled to compaction & seal-coated.

We will construct or repave parking lots or private roads.. whether Starting from grass, dirt or stone, we can do it all from start to finish. Our asphalt experts service commercial property owners across monroe & surrounding counties.

Seal Coating


most customers are already familiar with seal-coating. This is the very dark black, top layer. When applied to the surface it looks like tar, but is actually an asphalt sealant that protects your new driveway from heat and UV damage.