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For your home, the first impression starts when pulling into your driveway. If you are trying to sell your house or just trying to create an appealing home environment, the curb appeal of a home starts with the asphalt. A driveway in disrepair can be a major turn off for prospective buyers or anyone looking at your house. A new driveway can act as a red carpet to the rest of your property. Whether you're paving a dirt or stone driveway for the first time, resurfacing the existing asphalt, doing a complete tear-out & replacement of an old driveway, or seal-coating to protect your new asphalt. True Paving has got you covered! 

Driveway Paving

Driveway Replacement

Driveway Resurfacing

If your driveway has minor wear but still has a solid foundation, resurfacing may be the best option.. We repair & patch any holes or cracks, some may require a cut-out. then bring it to grade & pitch it for optimal run-off, by lowering high areas and building up low areas & then install a new layer of asphalt binder or fine top, all rolled to compaction w/ the edges beveled & tac-kote applied

For an older driveway beyond repair, we would recommend :a complete tear-out of your old driveway using our excavation machines, dig down to 5"depth & remove all debris. Then we build it to grade by adding a base of small aggregate stones, then layers of asphalt according to weight; base, binder & fine top All rolled to compaction and pitched for optimal run-off, w/ the edges beveled & tac-Kote applied

.For new construction on dirt or stone driveways, we dig out down to 5"  depth & add a layer of small aggregate stones to the base, we come back on top with a layer of base or binder asphalt & then a layer of fine top asphalt all Rolled to compaction w/ the edges beveled & tac-Kote applied

Seal Coating


most customers are already familiar with seal-coating. This is the very dark black, top layer. applied bi-annually as a protective layer to keep your new asphalt as fresh as possible. It's an asphalt sealant that when applied protects your new asphalt from the sun's harmful UV rays & heat stress damage.