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A company who you can contract to install, remove, install or care for Asphalt, like us @ True Paving Inc.! 

Small pea sized aggregate stones are mixed at extremely high temperatures with hot liquid asphalt at an asphalt mixing plant. The mix is always delivered and pressed while hot and malleable. 

Something formed by adding together several amounts of things, rock is an aggregate of minerals & for our purposes is the base we put underneath asphalt to allow water to run freely beneath it while also being a hard sturdy base. 

These are the 3 different types of Asphalt used by paving companies. They are different in their weight or Lbs per sq inch or density. They also vary by rock size in the hot-mix. Base Asphalt would be the heaviest, Binder Asphalt is the mid-weight and the most widely used, Fine Top Asphalt is the least dense and also has the smallest rock particulates in the hot-mix. This is always going to be the best asphalt for a top layer of sport courts, walkways and even driveways